Choosing Fabrics for Quilting

Before any quilting can begin, it is important to pick the right fabric for your project. There are several things that you need to keep in mind before you start picking your fabric. Here are some of the most important pointers when choosing your fabric for quilting.

Color Palette

quilting fabricWhen you have single color in mind, you might want to pick fabrics that possess that color in differing tones, hues or shades. Some prefer to work with colors of the same vibrancy – warm or cool – others prefer to mix them up. If you are doubtful and a newbie in quilting, it is best to use the color wheel.

Create a cohesive color palette for your quilt by locating the color you desire on the color wheel. Check what colors are near it and those that are located on the other side – the complementary ones. Complementary colors will add an extra pop to your quilt and make it more interesting, not monochromatic.


quilt fabricScale refers to the size of the prints or designs on your fabric. First, you need to consider the size of your quilt. For large quilts, you can work with big prints while for smaller quilts, it is best to work with cloth that has small prints.

Big prints can be cut off and the individual prints cannot be seen. But, just mix up some sizes of the prints to add interest to your quilt-to-be.


If you still find it hard to come up with a good quilt fabric combination, you can easily find pre-cut bundles. These are cloths that have been machine-cut and piled together, ready to be sewn to become a quilt.